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To win, think like a winner.

In order to have a stable income at poker, you must have a systematic approach to achieving your goal. Knowing the rules of the game and learning strategies is good for the future professional player, but that’s not all. You should also put all your thoughts in order. Stop thinking like a loser in the game. You must be a winner, and this is one of the components of your future success.
How should a winner think? This will tell our article.
Do not pay attention to factors that do not affect the game.
You have a choice: to risk $ 12 to protect $ 35 investment, or to risk $ 20, saving $ 20. The correct answer is no and no.
Understand one thing: as soon as you put money into the pot, it’s not yours anymore. This money is no different from the rest of the money in the sweat. The winner should not think how to protect their investments. Decisions must be made on the basis of the expectation at a particular point in the game.
Your decision depends on whether you win or lose? The correct answer: no again! You have to forget about your past results and about which side luck is on today. If the expectation is positive, you should bet. If it is negative, then you need to fold. Such a long-range approach will benefit.
The mistake of most losers is that they associate a specific distribution with past games. Saying like “I’m lucky today, I’m surely catch outs” is unacceptable for the winner. It has no rationale, except intuition, which is not relevant here.
Another disastrous thought: “I need to recoup.” If you have it, then you are a bad poker player. Instead of evaluating the expectation, you think about your inner feelings. Such an approach will only lead you to new defeats.
If you know that you will not be able to stop after a series of losses, then it is better to leave the table when you have doubled your stack, for example. On the one hand, this is crazy advice, but on the other hand, this advice will help gamblers save their money. Excitement is a bad companion for a successful player.

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