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Why the key to success lies in our defeats.

The master of poker does not become in a jiffy. To become an experienced player and make good money on poker, you need to put a lot of effort. There are many recommendations and blogs on how to get poker training. After analyzing the path of each experienced player, you can see that in the early stages of their game, even the master suffered many defeats.
But how does a player’s mistake have a positive result, helping to go to victory from defeats? You can guess for a very long time, but you can study the article VodkaHaze “Unpredictability and reality.” She pushes on a lot of interesting thoughts. For example, it is proved that the percentage probability that the most unlikely event will occur is higher than zero. This suggests that you can not be sure of anything. Also, it should be noted that improbable events often have very unpleasant consequences that a person does not expect.
Correct approach to the learning process
Oddly enough, but the positive and negative consequences depend on the same events. To be able to do something, a person must first learn it. This means that any skill comes after the learning process, and poker is no exception. However, all learning processes for anything have something in common. The common point is that no matter what a person learns, he makes mistakes. The process is achieved by avoiding errors.
Therefore, we can conclude: any success depends on the mistakes that a person makes. Errors are necessary so that you can learn from them. However, mistakes themselves are not useful if they are treated incorrectly. You cannot turn a blind eye to your own mistakes. It is impossible to draw conclusions from mistakes that you do not notice.
If you ignore them, they either will not do any good, but they can also cause big problems. Undoubtedly, the game of poker is impossible without defeat. First of all, you need to pay attention to the lesions that have arisen as a result of insufficient experience. Every player without exception passed through it.

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